About us

The Eastgate Community Trust Establishment

Eastgate Community Trust was established in December 1998. The Trust is incorporated as a trust board under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

The Trust has a Certificate of Registration with the Charities Commision - Reg No CC32055.

Purpose of the Trust

The Trust was established to assist people with mild to moderate intellectual disability. There was a lack of such facilities and services in the Pakuranga-Howick area. Families expressed that they wanted choices and opportunities for their sons and daughters.

Eastgate Day Service has three main aspects:

  • Community Participation
  • Ongoing training programmes
  • Employment opportunities

The government's disability policy, stated in the New Zealand Disability Strategy (April 2001) and Pathways to inclusion, makes it clear that one of the key policies for disabled people is to increase their participation in the community. The Trustees view is that, to maximize the potential of disabled people and thus to enable them to participate in the community to the maximum extent possible, the process of learning and development must continue after a student leaves school.


The trust operates from a new purpose built facility that was completed in June 2008.

We are situated on the north-west corner of Lloyd Elsmore Park and are within walking distance of many community facilities. The service users also gain work experience at nearby local businesses.

Eastgate Community Trust is well known within the local community. The networks that the service users have established are evidence of the success of community participation.

Operational Funding

The Ministries of Health and Social Development provide partial funding towards the costs of operating the service that the Eastgate Community Trust provides.


The Trustees are Sue Price, Nettie Knetsch, Graeme Burman, Mike Fulcher and Hens Mulder.